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Boynton Beach, FL
reply to fuziwuzi

Re: Here we go again about bandwidth throttling ...

said by fuziwuzi:

You make a lot of inaccurate assumptions.
Quite possible, which is why I and others have suggested to you to start a separate thread and post the details of your configuration and the details of what you are doing when you see the problem.

said by fuziwuzi:

The problem occurs whether using FTP or P2P, doesn't matter, anything involving a large file transfer. Problem occurs regardless of the presence of a router or not (i.e. plugging directly into the modem). Problem occurs with my own modem or a borrowed modem from the Comcast technician. Problem occurs regardless of operating system or computer (1 WinXP, 2 Win7 64-bit, 1 Macbook Pro).
That's a few more details, but it would be really good to start a new thread and put all the pieces together to give a complete picture.

said by fuziwuzi:

Comcast, via their CSRs and several onsite technicians say I have 12/2 service, are you saying they've lied to me?
No, that's not what I said and I think you know that. You can however confirm easily for yourself by downloading a large file such as a Linux ISO via a browser and look at the transfer rate after it has transfered about 60MB or so. If the download rate is 1.5 MB/s that would be 12/2 or if 1 MB/s that would 6/1.