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Aptos, CA
reply to fuziwuzi

Re: Here we go again about bandwidth throttling ...

said by fuziwuzi:

I am quite aware of what Powerboost is and isn't, I'm not an idiot.
Good, are you ready to try and fix your issue now?
And aren't you so lucky! I'm not that lucky here.
Good. Now we have established you're having a site-specific issue. I am not lucky, I am simply not having any service issues.
The Comcast technicians who have been to my location say everything is working as designed.
Were you seeing the performance issue during the tech visits? Did they reproduce the exact issue on their equipment? If not, then likely the tech was correct - as far as they could see, you were operating correctly at that moment.
THEY told me the problem is actually how the system is designed, so in effect, it is working as it is supposed to, according to them.
If all they had to go on was your description, then I would expect that would be the on-site tech's answer to why your system, which seemed to be working correctly, would experience slowdowns.

At this point all I can do is join the greek choir and suggest you start a new thread with detailed information and work with both the mass of people here and the comcast techs here to troubleshoot your issue. Because it is a service issue. Plain and simple. Really.
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