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My views are my own.
reply to dforan


said by dforan:

As I said in an earlier post, the BIGGER the company, they want NOTHING to do with helping out the peon..
If you EVER thought ANY company was out to "help out the peon" you've been sadly misguided in your thinking... business is out to make money, plain and simple. ANY business is out to protect themselves and survive any economic climate, and make a profit. They never do anything to "help" any of their customers.. even when it appears they are doing something to "help" the customer, every single move any business makes is to bolster their own bottom line - period.. nothing more. And, unless they are breaking the law, there is nothing wrong with that - it's part of capitalism... businesses are going to make as much money as the current market climate will allow.

In this case, however, I believe Verizon is making a mistake. HOWEVER, they still have their contracted customers, that in my opinion, are too stupid to pay their ETF fee, break out of the chains of VZ's dungeon, cut their small losses and move to another provider. I CONSTANTLY remind my wireless providers that their $200 ETF fee can easily be placed on my credit card and be done with... and then promptly remind them that it's the last $200 they'll make from me. And, the longer I have left int he contract the better. Sprint, for example, if $130 a month.. they can either take care of me and treat me fairly and keep that monthly invoice for 24 months, of consider me gone and pocke the $200, which for the most part goes to the cost of the hardware I got anyway.

Sadly, too many people are too stupid to pay the fee and simply leave.. they'd rather continue to pay an average $75 monthly bill for the next 2 years and take the crap.