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This is a sub-selection from Here we go again

West Tenness
reply to tomz17

Re: Here we go again

said by tomz17:

There is a new "category" of phones called 3g multimedia phones. These phones are now REQUIRED to have at least the $9.99 plan. These are phones that have substantial multimedia capability but run a proprietary OS (anything not blackberry, windows mobile, or android). These usually have larger screens, a non-wap browser, a simple e-mail client, and are designed to promote multimedia messaging.

Verizon has ALWAYS strongly suggested the purchase of a data plan for these... (after all, what idiot spends the cash on a phone like this if you aren't going to use the 3g multimedia features!?)
Actually my chocolate 3 is classified as one of these phones and thus is required to get at least the $10 data plan if I make changes to my plan. I don't use the data and no that doesn't make me an idiot. Ever think some of these phones have features people want that have nothing to do with data?

Basically peoples' choices are

A) totally gimped crap phone

B) phone with features you want, pay $10 more for data you never plan on using.