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Dallas, TX

How to cancel DSL with no phone number

I have had Verizon DSL for 7 years or so. Last May, I moved two houses away...just two houses away Verizon said they could not just move me but had to start a new contract (or something like that) for two more years!?! Also, I got DSL with no home phone because I use my Cell phone (Sprint) as my primary number.

I think they used a non-working phone number (for this line) but they did not give it to me.

I received nothing, no modem, no isolation transformers, nothing. I just moved my 3year old modem from the old house to the new house.

Now, I am thru with Verizon and want to cancel my DSL.

How do I cancel if I have no home phone number for reference?

Why do i have to pay an ETF if I received NOTHING from them other than using the service?

Thanks for your help.

Andover, NJ
There is a phone number associated with your account. Login to your Verizon start page and look under billing. On the monthly invoices there will be a "phone number" shown. It is not a real phone number, just a number to track the account through their systems. If you can t find this number, there is an option when you call for "don't know phone number" IIRC.

Even though they did got give you anything, it did take some work on their part to set up your new account. Verizon probably made a truck roll to the house at least to verify that things were working and some one in the back office set up the account. They are trying to re-capture that cost. Another reason is this es extra income or them, If they can nip you for an ETF fee nore money in their pocket.

Sometimes it is less costly to just keep the service for a few months until it expires rather than cancel early.
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Dallas, TX
The problem is, I have no Verizon start page, no account page. They just set up my account and gave me no paperwork or anything. Never got an e-mail, nothing. I don't have a Verizon e-mail or anything.

I will probably just go to the Verizon store and let them contact someone that way.


Pittsburgh, PA

Have them look up your account by address. They can set up your email with a temp password that you will change. They can also give you the faux phone number that IDs your account.


reply to calldon3
We should be able to look up your account using you Verizon Online Account number, name and address.


Dallas, TX
Thorataz, I have no account number. They did not even give me any paperwork. I will just go by a Verizon store and give them the name and address.

BTW, how much is the EFT on dropping DSL? Like I said, I had it for seven years, but when I moved two houses down the street, they made it like starting over, for some reason.




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When you move it's like a new account so there is a new contract. DSL contracts are 1yr some times 2yrs, but if you change your speed let's say from 3m to 7m or 7m to 3m then you have a new contract as well. However when you have a new contract VZ DSL has a 30 Money Back Guarantee. So if your in contract change you speed, wait a few days, then cancel (within that 30 day MBG) no with no ETF.