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Need for Speed
Winterville, NC
reply to Z80A

Re: That isn't what is available

said by Z80A:

dslreports.com/archive doesn't lie. People buy what they buy. If they want faster speeds they can easily get them for only a few dollars more than the tiers they're on.

Unless you can prove otherwise.
So you make bold claims, which I dispute, and you tell me to go find my own answers. Typical. And again, you sure seem to think, you know what everyone on earth is doing and thinking.

You are even changing your statement, as you said "I mean that people are quite content with bottom tier offerings because there are so many other sources of information and entertainment in the States." Which doesn't really tie in with the new statement you made.

It seems to me, even you don't know what you mean, or are talking about, or have the ability to express one idea, and stick to it.

So yeah, sure. People having poor internet speeds, is all about them not wanting more speed, and has nothing to do with price. Or wait, no, they don't need higher speeds, because they have other sources of information and entertainment.. Yeah, that must be it too...
Give me bandwidth or give me death!