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Re: tough talk on one end, advertising on the other..

The United States has been moving toward a European model of governance for a while. The current Admin. is merely escalating the cause. So this news about Verizon isn't surprising. Ironically Europeans are actually voting and moving slightly toward a more American system, or perhaps an ancient Greek system.

My biggest concern is the unfettered and unchecked power that Verizon gives both the RIAA and MPAA. Whether justified or not in their piracy causes, these corporate associations have already demonstrated a flagrant disregard for the law.

Allegedly the reporting process itself is said to be secret, therefore, the RIAA and MPAA can make accusations about any broadband subscriber. And since the process is not transparent, the subscriber would have little means to protect themselves. The content provider would receive autonomy and impunity not only over regulating their content, but could even infringe on basic rights, including those of communication.

So again, the importance of proper checks and balances and transparency in this process is the real issue. Too bad Washington lobbyists would never allow such a debate to see the light of day. I could easily see other publishing lobbyists pushing for the same type of authority.