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fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
reply to gatorkram

Re: Common

There is no law, correct but there may be pressure from copyright owners.

Need for Speed
Winterville, NC
said by fifty nine:

There is no law, correct but there may be pressure from copyright owners.
I always felt, this was unfair, and network operators should stand up against such things.

The internet is just a road, or pathway if you will. It shouldn't be up to the ISP to do anything, but pass on the notice.

You can see where I am going with this. The network operator is no more responsible, for what I do on their network, than the people who make my shoes are, if I happen to have shoes on when I shoplift.

This type of thinking is outdated.
Give me bandwidth or give me death!


reply to fifty nine
Way back when before time warner bought out adelphia in this are, i had an FTP website that was protected with usernames and passwords. Within the ftp site where 5 dvd rips I had made, they were back-ups of movies I owned, and i had originally posted them for my uncle to get back-ups without having to rip his own. I had also backed up every music cd i owned at the time and had them there. You can legally make one back-up copy of any copyrighted movie or song that you legally own. Long story short, The awesome hackers at RIAA and the MPAA got past the username and password requirement, copied down all the file names, if i remember correctly with each song, 300 and change. They contacted Adelphia, who in turn shut my internet off, when I called to report an outage they told me what had happened and gave me a number to call. So I called them, explained that i owned all the files that were there, and that my server was for my own private use, and was password protected including unique usernames. I mentioned digital trespassing, my internet was turned back on within an hour.

I even think you could get away with posting iso's of dvds and music cds if you own them, and included a disclaimer that the site owner holds no responsibility for users unauthorized downloading of files they dont own an original copy of, and that you own copies of all files hosted. If you have proof your not breaking any laws.

The problem with P2P networking and torrenting is that most people dont realize that you can turn off sharing, of course then no one would be able to download anything, but it seems these organizations are going after the uploaders not the downloaders. I have torrented windows xp home edition iso, because when I purchased this pc, i bought windows. But my new laptop didnt come with a recovery cd or dvd, but rather a recovery partition, if my harddrive crashes, i have no way to recover from that partition, there for i need a way to re-install windows.