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Brooklyn, NY

Netflix Blacklists and Discriminates its customers

They blacklist and discriminate customers. - reasons say you are on 3 out a month unlimited dvd rental plan this is what they do. if you rent 3 dvds a week and turn around and try to get a another 3 dvd's the same week thats a no no for you from them. you will notice when you return the first 3 dvds they delay checking them in and netflix likes to delay sending out those 3 movies for the next day. so its not unlimited rentals that is false advertiising. they sent an email requesting i go to the 6 out plan but i did not want to. so they cancelled my service. i tried to come back as a member but they blacklist you from using their service by your first and last name address phone number your credit cards and email. i rejoined and they cancel you. i even let my father join and they discriminated him too they cancel and dont allow my father to join because of the same address and same last name. people netflix has grown to be an incorporated giant who doesnt care about its customers they only like your money. then when you call customer servivce they make up false stories like your card was reported lost or stolen. or at that address there has been fraud. but i will tell you i have another netflic member who receives netflix rentals under his different name so you see how netflix are a bunch of liars and practice unlawful business ethics and practices. they are the enron of dvd rental business. they are becoming a big monolopy in online dvd rental business. when they have no competition just imagine what they will do to customers and price changes. i hope someone reads this and customers in the same situation join to do a class action lawsuit to take netflix on for damages. netflix may provide a service but the people who are running it are shady characters. please amazon or google or microsoft buy them out so we can have better people running that service. other people whatever problems you have or had with netflix write about them. also google netflix rip off complaints and people see what they are doing to customers.