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Peru, IN


Is this really a surprise?


Smithtown, NY

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How can anyone think that a large phone company would want to piss off the government.

They will probably get a few bonus points for working hand in hand with the FBI and that won't be forgotten during their next meeting with the FCC, when the telco's want something like additional bogus charges added to their bills. Six months from now we might see a $1.99 Homeland Security Charge added.

San Luis Obispo, CA

Qwest refused to go along with the NSA data mining.

Immediately thereafter, the SEC went after the Qwest CEO and charged he and other Qwest officers with civil 'fraud'. They payed a fine. But the message was obvious.

That's the same SEC that, at the same time, was ignoring repeated warnings on Madoff's scams, and ignoring the multiplicity of Wall Street violations of SEC regs., 'cause it fit the then admins. glowing agenda.

Silencing a squeaky wheel kinda like that former NY Attorney General, Elliot Spitzer, who was leading the charge and in a multi-state AG's investigations into the home-loan frauds (during the lead-in to the bubble & crash). Very unpopular with the then admin. as it went against the push for 'everyone' to buy a home (and the profits for the same giant banks we bailed out)

Spitzer & other states AG's were ready to pounce when a magically timed surveillance of Spitzer's extramarital paid-for-sex removed him, and his lead role. The investigation stopped, subprime loans burst ahead, the rest is history.