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keep losing internet connection and patience!

Have been having problems with losing internet connection on 2 mac laptops. Mine is as often as my daughter's. Have had 3 techs outs since Dec 26th. First answer was one laptop and desktop old.need to upgrade. After was to be here from 1-3 and called at 5:15 to say they just received ticket and weren't connect techs. The last tech said just probably things that neighbors have going on. After he gave me new Gateway modem, the next day I had no telephone dial tone. Called and was told power outage. Had to call again. and sending someone out tomorrow (Sunday). Been without phone all week. I have made so many calls since Christmas and it's worse hat nothing ha been resolved. I love UVerse tv but the customer service is awful. They will say they are going to call back next but never do. They have given me false information and the tech support calls are at minimum 45 minutes. I am ready to look elsewhere for internet service. If I had a dollar for every minute I spent on the phone with AT&T and the time spent at home waiting for someone, I could retire!. AT&T is more interested in their techs getting to more people, but not spending the time to actually resolve the customers problem.

sand groper
Geneva, IL
If the TV is not also losing connection, then the problem is likely to be in your equipment and not an AT&T problem.
AT&T Uverse; Zyxel NBG334W router (behind the 2wire gateway); openSuSE 11.0; firefox 3.0.16

Lighting Guy

Berea, OH
reply to jann0107
Are those laptops wireless? If so, try connecting them wired and see if the problem persists.

Lisle, IL
·AT&T U-Verse
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If the issues seem to show on Macs, try hard-coding DNS

Macs & the 2Wire DNS, for some reason, often don't play well together

Valencia, CA
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reply to jann0107
In addition to what ILPT4u said, some people have very mixed results with the built in wifi on the U-verse RG. If it's not working well for you, generally your best bet is to disable wifi in AT&T's modem, and connect your own wifi router to it, and use its wireless instead.

»Using your own router with uVerse

AT&T U-Hearse
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