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reply to iansltx

Re: listen up

said by iansltx:

Not sure about "bread and butter" but I'm guessing that in the presence of FiOS more P2P users use FiOS than not.

That said, I wonder what the average tier for P2P folks is on FiOS. How many of them are actually jumping for the 50 Mbps symmetric tier, and how many are content with 20 or 25 Mbps down?
one company's bread & butter is anothers' abhorant bandwidth hogs (read Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, AT&T, etc) a small difference, is that these above companies NEED to make money selling content THEY deliver as opposed to allowing lots of "FREE" content to slip through. there is no compelling reason for Verizon to join them, yet. Verizon still has a healthy fear of losing broadband customers the way they did the millions of POTS phone lines during the last 10 years.

BTW, 25/20 is wicked fast.. (knocks even cablevision's 2-15 megabits upload for a loop--btw 15mbit upload from a cable company is an EXPENSIVE proposition) but it does get slightly slower over wifi (G)... best to use ethernet connections or 802.11n & that means only using the actiontec router as a link in the chain!