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Boothbay, ME
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reply to Dominokat

Re: I hope this works!

Actually, until summer, at this moment I have ZERO responsibilities. I come to work, I cook, and I leave.

Unlike my other job at Lobstermans Wharf. I had to get there early, do inventory/ordering. Put stuff away, and prep the hell out of the kitchen. It was nice, as I like keeping busy.
But right now, it is nice to be working and not worry about any thing other then the food I am putting out.

This summer will be different when we open restaurant number two! Then I will again have responsibilities.

However, no matter what way you look at it, I HAVE A YEAR ROUND JOB which thus far is as busy as it can handle and I love the crew I work with. As they do I .

Keeping busy and such, I will not have time to sit on my butt, drinking beers all winter. Ganging 20+ lbs.

I stopped working mid October. I was 205 lbs. I got as high as 220, and started working 1 week ago.
I am down to 214 already.

What I am wondering is if I get back to 160 lbs. I was holding at this before I started seasonal work, and drinking so much off season.

Dominokat may need a new skirt! (winks @ sashwa See Profile )

What's that smell? Oh, it's you.
Out There
Looks like you've got something good going. Lobster Calzone? That actually sounds delicious, could be a seasonal thing to trap the tourists. lol

I'll be doing a food/jewelery/shiny small objects/chocolate/macro shoot next month. Of all the things I've shot over the past couple of years, next to landscape, I think I like shooting food the best. Probably because I like to eat it too! lol

Anyways, good luck, if your opening a second resturaunt this summer, I guess that means you and your co-workers are doing good right?