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Astra2Connect now installed

After a few installation problems, I now have Astra2Connnect working in Slovenia. Claimed connection speed is 1024/128. Often seems to work at that speed. Works fine through a router, and USA VOIP number is working OK so far.

Installation was very critical, if the dish is half a millimeter out, it misses the target, and I had to select a second dish location as slight interference from a tree was in the way, even though that location was perfect for Sat TV reception.

Biggest installation problem was the tones in the installation video don't match the tones made by the installation tool.
I never noticed this was Hell till an elephant sat on my Volkswagen


Have installed Astra2connect in Croatia a few days ago. Installation was easy but required exact alignment using the tool supplied. During Sunday night I have downloaded 2400 Mb of navigation maps without any transmission errors, so technically everything is as good as can be.

The performance of the sat link is quite another matter.
Because it is a long haul from here to the orbital position and back to Luxembourg, there is a 1,4 seconds delay that will always be there. The promised 1024 kb/s is approx. 400 in the morning, dropping to 40 around 18.00 hours. My 128 kb ISDN line performs 3 times better then. Even a USB stick using gprs is faster.

I think Astra has too many customers and should make another channel available or rename the 1024/256K package.