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Love it, Hate it.

Baltimore, MD

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More proof that our country is becoming more corrupt is all

This just more proof that our government is slowly growing ever so more corrupt. this is a very bad sign for us to come in the future. I truly believe that with in 70 year or less that people will start taking notice that our government has become more corrupt that that of the Soviet union, but by then it will be to late & everything this country was founded upon will have been trashed to greedy corporate elites, who will rule our country and have us enslaved by them.

The thing is capitalism is great and its all wonderful in theory & on paper but the truth is that like many other Isms its flawed. What i'm saying is like socialism & Communism, our ism of capitalism has a sad but true realism of a flaw & that flaw is us people. They are all great on paper but Greed destroys all things good.

Take communism for instance (»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communism)

Our country is so rich it be great because everyone in the country would have everything they could think of, but the problem is greed. No one wants to be equal, its what made the race of men what we are to day. What I'm talking about is the fact is we got to best our fellow man. So when with any system you have positions of power it will fail, because of greed. People will always abuse power & thats what will be our downfall of a people & a continued plague on our earth.

Capitalism is great when it starts off when everyone is on even ground but as it grows like in to day when you have now corporations that actually rival our goverment in power & money you start to have problems. Now the rule of capitalism is that you have rivals but the problem is that as everything grows like in a war things can start to get one sided until their is a point that no one else can revival them because they had such a head start. Now think about it, does anyone here have enuff cash to start a competitor to any of the top 10 major corporations? No so no rivals & of course these giants are all motivated by greed so of course they talk to each other and say hey look we got these people but we can all have a big bite of the pie, how? We will just price fix & we will all continue to raise our prices until the people of america are all the slaves to our prices and our capitalism. Really just take some time to think about what I'm saying & you will figure it out. Fact is if you thought you was free in this government, I'm sorry for you because that fact is that in any type of government that has a power structurer of any sort, will always fail. We Americans have been brainwashed in to thinking we are a democracy & we are free when actually we are about as free as every other person in the world. Hell our system is not new, all we did is took the ideas of Rome from back in its day & its called a republic, not a Democracy & unless we do something it will never change, what makes us more free then say people in the UK anyways? or hell even in a communist type government? Is it because our government tells us we are free? Yea, thats more like it.

With laws you can't be free, unless we made the laws our selves. Thats why I want to put this forward to everyone!

Do you want to be free? Do you want real change? How about we all say f*** all of the isms of the world, All of them!! Yep thats right all of them & lets say we start over new & truly free! We wont need no president, we will instead represent out selves & for the idiots I'm not talking about anarchy simply because that will never work, haha.

What am i talking about?? Democracy!! Lets now go with that thing we always talk about, hell we have the technology now & nothings stopping us now. In the past it was impracticable but with computers its becoming a option.

Lets become a full blown Democracy & push the reset button.


Or hell may be a Demarchy


Say no to the Isms!!!