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Lots of problems with service

I am experiencing the following:
People call me - my phone doesnt ring and goes to voicemail, the caller gets a busy signal or the caller is simply disconnected from the call. This is periodic - some calls get through & and if the same number calls many times, most will ring my phone but some will have one of the problems.

If i am having a conversations, one of the sides will go mute then come back periodically (either I cant be heard but the other side can be or vice versa)

When I dial, it sometimes takes a very long time for the phone to connect and ring the other person - sometimes it just wont dial and i need to hang up an dial again.

Is anyone experiencing similar problems or know how to fix them. The phone will be stable for a while, then all sorts of problems start happening.

Also, we need to reboot the phone router every day or two (or we have no service)


Leesburg, VA
Have you tried moving your gizmo in front of your router? This sounds like your device is having a hard time keeping its heartbeat to us. That is why your phone doesn't ring and goes to voicemail.

Also, you can try making sure you have forwarded the ports on your router to your device.

It is in front of the router.
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Leesburg, VA
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Re: Lots of problems with service

Can you please PM me either with a Ticket Number or your Telephone number? This will allow me to start taking a deeper look at what is going on for you.


Van Nuys, CA
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I have found that certain ATA's don't work with my phone.

They will disconnect the call mid call, or the calling party won't hear you or you won't hear them.

The Innomedia ATA raised holy hell on my line but the AC-211 works fine.

Maybe they will swap you out.