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Austin, TX

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Re: Will LTE be pitched for fixed wireless to the home?

External antenna is TBA, but 700MHz penetrates where 2500MHz doesn't. It's just plain RF stuff. If Clear deployed WiMAX on 700MHz they wouldn't have those problems.


Denton, TX

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I've seen some pretty ambitious amateur rigs for outside solutions... including a guy putting the Motorola modem in a big plastic trash can on a pole above his house I wouldn't do that but I would consider it if my only other option was dialup.

Edit: BTW... its not just the horrible signal, their coverage maps are total BS. Despite the big green SOLID blob of coverage on their website for DFW, I have attempted to get Clear service on 5 (not kidding) different locations all over metro DFW for various construction jobsites and NONE had coverage. The coverage is full of holes. I'm batting 0 for 5 in attempts to get coverage in a supposed "covered" region.


Rushville, IL
Remember that these are both going to be totally new networks so right off they aren't going to be great. It will take time for the networks to mature just like the cellular networks took time to mature. Give it a few years and things should get much better for the 4G networks.