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Can the new Ipad use clear service?

How would you set that up?

Villa Park, IL
I would assume no just because the iPad is being released with a 3g card in it. Clear uses totally different technology.

If $apple where to release an iPad with a 4g card inside of it, I'm sure it would work.


Seattle, WA
reply to Etidorhpa
you would need to use the USB adapter to connect the clear modem, and even then, clear would need to make an app to make it work. I actually posed this very question to clear via live chat, and they of course did not know a thing about it. i think in theory it could be possible, but it would mean cutting att out of the loop, which i am sure they would not appreciate.


Chicago, IL
reply to Etidorhpa
It would work via a Clear Hotspot but not on its own.


reply to Etidorhpa
if you have the clear usb modem and the clear spot wifi hot spot it will work with the iPad and any other wifi device.

Villa Park, IL
reply to arychel
The iPad has no USB ports. I don't see being able to use a USB modem with an iPad as a possibility.


Henderson, NV
reply to Etidorhpa
The question would be will they come up with an app/driver that will allow the cable to plug into the 4G laptop modem and put you in business? If someone figures out a way to do that, we're in nirvana.


reply to Etidorhpa
I had thought that clear had one of those modems that had the capability to switch from 4g to 3g?

I know Sprint has that kind of modem.


Austin, TX
·Time Warner Cable
reply to Etidorhpa
Short answer: no.

Long answer: The iPad could use the WiFi signal from the Clear Spot, but that's no different than any other WiFi-equipped device. The iPad's 3G circuitry (if you buy that model) is COMPLETELY different than the WiMAX chipset required to pull down a Clear signal, so there's no way you'll be ble to get 4G on the device without a Clear Spot within a few feet.


reply to Etidorhpa
Ipad has Wifi so that means you can have the Clear USB modem hooked up to the Clear Hotspot device (which is made by cradlepoint) or have the Cradlepoint PHS300 of which both would turn that 4g signal into a wifi signal.

Seattle, WA
reply to Etidorhpa
Here is a nice option from sprint.

I would hold out for internal 3g though.


reply to Etidorhpa
i have the ipad and the clear spot. The only problem I have is I primarily used the ipad inside the Bellagio. It seems that inside buildings clear really is not a very strong signal even with the tower .2 miles away.

I am wondering if anyone has experience that problem with the clear spot. Is there any type of signal booster that might work?



reply to Etidorhpa
I don't believe there is a way to set it up directly, the Ipad does not even have a USB port does it?

You should be able to use any of the Cradlepoint routers that support 4G to connect through the wiifi. '»www.wirelessnwifi.com/' I use one (MBR1200) with my 301 Clear modem and the router works great. I can use netbooks, laptops, iTouch etc. simultaneously.

The modem on the other hand, spends far more time in 3G land than 4G but it does that whether connected to a router or not !

Also there will be a 4G version of the Ipad releasing on May 1st I think, but that locks your 4G into ONLY the Ipad.



reply to ricccc
Just get the AT&T 3G version. CLEAR is an epic failure inside of even the shoddiest of paper walled roach motels.


Speak for yourself buddy but I'm getting 10.5 down / 2.5 up on my Home Clear modem (At work) / and 4-6 down / 1.5-2.5 up on my ubee 1900 USB modem (At home )... I understand it depends where you are in comparison to a tower but I'm very impressed with Clear in the Houston and surrounding area market. Odd thing was I tested Sprint that had HORRENDOUS speeds... Thought they used the same tower and technology..