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Another Speed Upgrade soon?

Any chance we will see some speed increases across the board again? I know we had one early last year i think it was or was it the end of the 2008?

I think the first two packages could use the most help,the others seem to be in a pretty good spot. The 2 meg package maybe pushed to 2.5 or 3 megs even and for sure that sad 150 kbps should be moved to 512 kbps if not 1 meg it's self.

I know it's only a 20$ a month connection but honestly you really can't do much with it. I had to use it for a few months myself and anymore with all the websites and their video ads and all the streaming content about with youtube and google video you really can't even partially enjoy any of it.

Other then that great service and hope it keeps going strong for the years to come. I will never get rid of it myself unless I happen to move to an area that buckeye does not service.