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Sierra Vista, AZ


The LTE is a gamble that Verizon is doing but doesn't expect to win and should lose its shirt as the person who wrote the article doesn't understand what is going on in communication, It seems that Verizon was kicked out of rural America by an ISP and sold ot Frontier in order to have them go out of business. They forget that Sprint is being financed by the biggest ISP in the US right now and it is going to have 4 G as fast possible with complete funding while Verizon has to find the business completely, If this ISP goes into an area that Verizon is in they go under in the area. They can't compete with this ISP and the person should learn what is happening in the communication system. Verizon is one step of going under and it doesn't have the means to support itself as the author is stating. He is thinking about happened year or so ago. The conditions are completely different and the whole Internet is completely different then what you have learned. My advice is go back to studying what is happening in the Internet. When you learn what is happening you will learn that is the way for Verizon to go out of business. They don't have the resources to compete against Sprint as Sprint has unlimited resources to go against Verizon period. They also have the greatest data system in the US and the ISP is the biggest in the US and it is not cable or telecoms, Each time Verizon went against this ISP it lost.

Milford, NH
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Interesting assertion. Could you provide some links backing up your claim or is this a tongue in cheek post?

Living in New England I'm upset they sold their landline/DSL business to FairPoint but have to admit they have the best Cellular Coverage in the area and have been very aggressive with Fiber in areas they serve. I think being aggressive rolling out fiber will serve them well over the years.



Sierra Vista, AZ
reply to marvin25
This is not tongue and cheek as you talked about. There is an ISP that works thru the electric coops and is the biggest ISP in the US. No one wants to admit they exist as believe in net neutrality and they can handle broadband as nothing. This is why companies are moving to rural America and they have all the companies talking about people getting their entertainment from the net. This is the ISP and this is where all the content provider send to this one ISP. Comcast and Vereizon lose their customers fast and this is the reason why Comcast want to stop buy NBC to kill the free entertainment and don't care about the cost. They are worried that they will have shut down cable areas in rural America as they don't have enough customers. Verizon tried to fight them and lost quickly. They are the reason that content providers don't have to worry about ATT remarks as they said do it and we would cut you off. They know this ISP is handle all the volume these content provider can send with no problem.