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This is a sub-selection from sigh

Bill Neilson
Arlington, VA
reply to Vumes

Re: sigh

said by Vumes:

said by RARPSL:

said by longstreet:

People getting booted are idiots. Just use an encrypted VPN to transfer, problem solved.

Can't content cop the P2P people when you can't decrypt what they are sending over your network.
Using a VPN to do the transfer still exposes your IPN to the Peers in the session (some of whom are the BayTCP spies working for the Media Companies). All this does is prevent the ISP from knowing what is being transferred.
Exactly, so if they don't know what you're transferring, they really have proof of nothing. But as stated before, guilty, until proven innocent.
Just going by the way they are acting now, them not knowing exactly what you are downloading probably won't stop them.

They will just send you a vague letter referring to "illegal materials, etc..."


Plano, TX

No ISP is going to send you a vague letter when you use a VPN and you trade with a friend.

It's encrypted and your ISP doesn't have the key.

The whole reason people are getting disconnected is because they are dumb.

There isn't really much else to discuss.

Use an encrypted VPN = win