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Snohomish, WA
reply to Johkal

Re: 2010 Modem Poll

Still using my sb5100 (works great for 12/2) and leaning towards a new moto (model depends on whats available then) when the time comes.
Hard to beat the reliablity, durability, or price (free after rebate!) even if it doesn't offer all the bells and whistles of some other models


Los Lunas, NM

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If it is not too much to ask... I would like to know where people have gotten their DOCSIS 3 modems. I have found a lot of places that are selling the 6120, but I am curious about the DPC 3000 and the Ubee. (Not sure of modem number)

Additionally, if anyone is using this thread as a guideline to research/purchase a modem, please consider getting a DOCSIS 3 modem over a DOCSIS 2 modem. If you can spare the extra money I think that you will be happier overall. This is especially true if more people in your area subscribe to HSI, or subscribe to faster tiers. Since the DOCSIS 3 modems can channel bond your connection is likely to have more bandwidth available. If someone is hogging a certain channel on a DOCSIS 2 modem, you still have 2-3 other channels to pull bandwidth from.

No matter how much I typed the above post it always seemed to sound stupid and useless... Sorry to anyone who read it and felt that their time was wasted.

Edit: I give up.


Moorestown, NJ
hey drizew

I got mine from comcast, the Ubee and its been reliable. I would rather have the cisco, but this one is fine. Your post wasnt stupid... good point to everyone out there. Futureproof!

(this is my name on here, i am thehacker123 on other sites)