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High ping issue


I've got a 2mbps ADSL connection which has never bothered me before. Recently I started playing a game called Heroes of Newerth. This game has servers located in various parts of the world, which you can choose from a drop down menu within the game.

Since I live in Pakistan, I chose the "South East Asia" server, since its closest to me. However, the lowest ping I'm getting is 450ms, which, for a game like this, is unplayable.

I have been forced to play on the Europe servers, where I can get a ping as low as 200ms. Even on some USA servers, I've been getting pings as low as 320ms. How is it that my ping to the South East Asian servers is so high? It doesnt make sense.

Is there a network/internet/computer setting I need to adjust? Do I need to call up my ISP with a specific request to rectify the situation? Could this be a case of bad routing, and if so, can it be fixed?

Any help will be appreciated.