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Bresnan Doesn't Support Motorola Surfboard 6120

So I got a screaming deal on a Motorola Surfboard 6120 which is fully DOCSIS 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 compliant, but the key part for Bresnan is that it is 1.1 compliant. Called tonight to get it activated and found out that Bresnan can't provision that cable modem because of some "issues".

Has anyone else heard of this? For now until we know more I'd recommend not getting a Surf Board 6120 if you're using Bresnan.

Powell, WY
Since Bresnan uses DOCSIS 1.1 in most of their network (last I heard) I don't see why they won't provision it unless the config files aren't backwards compatible (IE if the 6120 can't use a config from a 51xx series modem). Personally I don't see that as an issue since I *think* the configs are fairly generic. I, for instance, use a 5120 which isn't one that Bresnan uses and it works so who knows...


Fruita, CO
that sucks, I was just about to buy one too