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Suffern, NY
reply to rradina

Re: Ah, a free ISP

said by rradina:

Didn't this happen to the tobacco folks? All the negative cancer-causing PR finally has usage down and to make up, they just keep raising the taxes in the name of the chronic health care problems it creates and how that's a huge burden to society. I suspect that's true but I seriously doubt if those tax revenues are used to help cover costs related to tobacco use.

(Just so folks know, I've never been a smoker and other than in principle, I don't care if they tax tobacco to death.)
The taxes, to some extent, are used to pay for subsidies to Tobacco Farmers to help them grow more Tobacco. IMO, the subsidies should be cut off and applied to paying them to switch to an alternate crop (and totally phased out over a 3 year period). If the Government says that it is bad for you, why are they supporting it? Just collect the "sin" taxes on it but DO NOT support the Tobacco Drug Dealers by paying them to grow it.