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Johnstown, PA

Reply to Clayton DE re: assorted issues

Sorry for the delay in responding. The winter storms have caused a greater than average workload and we're all very busy.

First, the online chat issue. During the "normal" hours (8AM-11PM) there are a couple of techs monitoring the chat. If there are more subscribers requesting a chat than there a representatives to handle them, it will indicate not available. During catastrophic times (like the recent snowstorms) the chat is suspended in favor of having those reps answering the phones.

Second, exchanging modems. Bringing the modem to the office is permitted, UNLESS the device is a phone modem. In those cases, a tech is dispatched to insure that the power & SNR at the modem are correct to insure phone service reliability.

Third, speed tests. Speed tests results are indexed by IP address, so I would need your IP to check the results. It may be necessary to open a trouble ticket if your local connection is good.

I will be working Friday, Feb 12 from 2PM to midnight. If you wish, call ABB tech support and ask for Larry. Tell the tech that you were working with me on an internet issue; if I'm available they can transfer you or take a callback number.