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Mcalester, OK

The skinny on ISDN?

I am looking for the low down on ISDN I am a gamer and have exhausted my options with DSL and cable (no availability) I currently have satellite and hate it. I would just like to know some things like the installation time, the hardware I would need, do I have to dial in, am I timed, ect. Thanks


Vanleer, TN
Sucks dont it ?, check with your phone company on the cost of isdn line and installation fees, they all differ , BRI is what your looking for , depending on what state your in for the cost , I have 44 mth , some i have seen here as high as 90 mth

takes about 30 days for them to install

hardware you got a couple choices if you have any cisco training the 804 and others will work , if you want simple set it up and forget about it in 10 minutes or less 3 com pro ta on ebay about 30.00 dollars,

it is dialup up but it takes about 2 sec , no screeches , boings like dialup used to be . I have mine set to stay connected and redial if the connection drops , also with ics it can dial the connection if a user somewhere on your network initiates the connections so it pretty much automatic
you have to choose an ISP , msn and people pc dial up account work well I'm told , both channels

I use MSN , no time , no caps no issues 128 kbps for 18.95 month , ping times are a lot lower than satellite , on par with or better than cable or dsl mine averages about 130 or so


I have had ISDN for several years. I am also a gamer. FPS mostly, so low latency is a must. Pings are lower with ISDN (120-150) than regular dial-up, but it's still way off compared to DSL or cable. Your limited to around 128kbps (I get 110k on average), and most newer games use way more than that now, so your always lagging out. This will usually get you kicked or banned from the servers, or at least a few ill words with other players. My ISDN line (AT&T) cost about $43/month + $11/month for an ISP. That's $54.00/month for a substandard connection. I would jump for joy if I could ever get cable or DSL! Is it worth it??? I suppose so, if that's the only choice you have, but it's a toss up if you'll be able to play your favorite, or new game on it.