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Graniteville, SC

Packet Loss during online gaming

I'm getting 10-25% packet loss while playing games online. Each game has a built in connection tool that displays connection statistics.

Happens on 4 different games and many different servers.
Happens on 3 different computers.
Happens whether I'm behind a router or not.

Traceroutes to the servers show dropped packets on some "Level 3" nodes in Atlanta (I live in S.C.). And yes, I know icmp packets are low priority and that they are dropped sometimes and that this does not necessarily mean that node is dropping my gaming packets. However, I have nothing else to go on. This problem started a few months ago but has gotten progressively worse. I can play about 5 minutes before the loss starts and makes the games unplayable.

Does anyone know what I can do to remedy this situation. I talked to ABB support and they were less than helpful. Should I ask to talk to someone else when I call? I realize that the problem does not look like it is in ABB's immediate network but I'm going to have to switch ISP's if I can't get some relief.


Lately in Queen Anne's County MD I've gone from about a 160ms ping in Warcraft to well.. 10k. After large spikes it calms down to around 500 making it JUST barely unplayable. It sucks, but aside from satellite there is nothing in the area.


Aiken, SC
This has been happening to myself for the past several months (I want to say 6months?) in the South Carolina Area.

When playing online video games, or online videos, i'll get 8 to 22% packetloss at random intervals ALL day & night long. This has caused me to completely stop playing Darkfall Online (hardcore item loss pvp MMO) as well as numerous other online games.

The symptoms include:
-Randomly from 30minutes to 3hrs of gameplay the game i'm playing will experience MASSIVE lag spikes. So much so that the game ends up stopping entirely with no updates at ALL to the game. Eventually I'll go LD if I leave it for long enough. In online games such as EQ2 this results in a phenominon known as going "Half-LD" where you don't see ANY game updates at all, but other people can see you doing abilities etc. This means, you're not receiving any data from the server, but you're still sending it (generally speaking). This can be VERY noticable when you die on the server side, and you're client still doesn't know you're dead, so what ends up happening is your corpse will walk around the zone as if it was still living (been petitioned multiple times for "cheating" due to this).

Thanks to the help of others on this forum, I've tracked my MASSIVE packet loss to the "ae-7-7.ebr3.Atlanta2.Level3.net" router on the Atlantic Broadband pipe that I HAVE to go through to go ANYWHERE. That SPECIFIC router will go from 8 to 22% packet loss 24/7 hrs a day.

It's also a good thing to mention that apparently DSL in the South Carolina area does NOT go through this particular backbone. This, ignorantly, leads me to the belief this is an Atlantic Broadband specific issue.