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Northvale, NJ

Converting Centrex to POTS .. Downtime ???

(Sorry this isn't really internet connectivity, but i don't know where else to ask - suggestions welcome)

We have two Centrex lines and we only need one. These lines are sold to us from a company called Granite, and they get the lines from Verizon Wholesale. I want to cancel one of the lines, and Granite are telling me that to to so, the remaining line will have to be converted to POTS because "Centrex lines works pairs".

The problem is that there will be some downtime during the conversion. Granite can't tell me how long that downtime will be ... "It could be a couple of hours or it could be more."

Does anyone know what is involved with this type of conversion, and how long it should take?


Euclid, OH
I noticed that no one has answered you in almost two months.
If it's not to late, and your not locked into some contract,
go direct to your ILEC ( the original "real" dial tone provider)
and they should be able to port you back. Schedule it for
Friday night, and hopefully it will be up by Monday morning.