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you don't always get what you want

and in another reality.....it happens.
the dmca is gone
copyright is sane at 10years people and society live much better off, the prices on internet are affordable to all and we all live in a star trek 60's universe.

...we interrupt this pipe dream for a reality check commercial brought to you buy HAIRBALL the new product that takes it out and dissolves the lil nastey.
only 99.99 NOW.

yea in our reality it will have a 5GB cap and cost 500000000000$
and will have DPI spyware out the yin yang. YA know that same kind that wired said the FBI was using real time on 100megabit lines. NOW after extensive testing and improvements you can now have 100megabit cause they can yes see you in your underwear at night ...oh the joy of panty wiping.

Message to the corporates ...time to share a lil a that wealth you have. NO debate DO IT. do not whine you aren't getting enough. DO not bother to lie , or use big long flagellant wording to obfuscate meaning and cajole the public. THEY TOO got an education , bet you wished you hadn't given them that now eh?

Tavistock NJ

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said by 33358088:

Message to the corporates ...time to share a lil a that wealth you have. NO debate DO IT.
And in a free market WORLDWIDE investment community, the investors pull their funds from those companies and go elsewhere. And the funds to do what you want disappear from the telcos and they stop funding the build-out of the infrastructure you want.


Hazelwood, MO

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Investors don't fund crap. They take profits (reinvestment dollars) from the company. Which just so happens to come from the consumers.

These aren't start up companies trying to earn their spots so every dime spent comes from consumers. Investors have no interest in anything other then dividends and an escalation of stock prices so they can sell it.
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