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Tavistock NJ

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reply to Karl Bode

Re: And how do you create that competition?

said by Karl Bode:

Reduce the amount of International bases from 850 to 475, stop pouring money into nation building,
said by FFH5:

{stop there because I agree with that}
use the several trillion dollar windfall to build a national fiber backbone, then employ a wholesale model over that and ultimately migrate the government out of the role of wholesale operator and shift wholesale operations to a private operator?
said by FFH5:

{and instead return some of the money to the taxpayers in lower taxes; and use the rest to reduce the deficit. The improved economy can then create more investment to start paying for repairing the nations infrastructure - including telco fiber}

Karl Bode
News Guy
Creating a better economy through a lower deficit and trickle-down Reagonomics, and then just hoping the nation's networks achieve utopia organically doesn't strike me as very concrete....

Paxio evangelist

Santa Clara, CA

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said by Karl Bode:

Creating a better economy through a lower deficit and trickle-down Reagonomics...
Actually that would be a pretty good start. One enormous problem we have as a country is that we have no capital to lend small innovative businesses to create fiber networks. Companies have to grow on a pay-as-you-grow "self funded" model which slows down fiber rollouts.

Why do we lack capital formation? Two reasons are tax policy and competition for lending with the government to finance the debt. It really would help all Americans if the government would just live within its means and cease micromanaging everybody in the country.