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Brooklyn, NY
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100 million ports vs affordability...

A mass market subscription model would have to look something less than $1 per megabit with symmetric speeds(unbundled) and we're nowhere near that right now-- the closest are the cable companies at $99 with large upfront activation for early adopter docsis 3.0 costing $ hundred$ $
Soundbites are all we get, but until you get down to actual afforability, that new milestone might as well be a few hundred miles away. I like that 25/15 FIOS delivers.. though speedtests (and sustained thruput) throughout the country vary-- so anything in the 100mbit tier range will only net consumers the UP-TO speeds, particularly on docsis if docsis 2.0 oversold status mirror upon mass adoption of docsis 3.0-- which the HYPE said it wouldn't, however since they have a nearly 10:1 (if cablevision) 5:1 (if the rest with 50mbit tiers) ratio on download speed to upload speed, that can not be officially called a true docsis 3.0 tier since the upstream doesn't even break a docsis 2.0 sweat.

Ancient wisdom say, fcc talk very much but say little & do even less. Even though it's the actual companies that have to get with the doing... Higher video rates just got shoved down the throats of many consumers but you will find a much bigger disconnect between higher broadband adoption with much higher prices above what I mentioned earlier.

What one is trying to say, if you gouge consumers for $100 (or more) for just internet, good luck trying to get them to buy anything else from you-- be it video or phone service.