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reply to tibook

Re: [H/W] Home Setup - 50MB Cable Connection

said by tibook:

I assume though, that the ASA can't do things like QoS, or bandwidth restrictions on a certain port, or can it?
It can.


The security appliance supports the following QoS features:

•Policing—To prevent individual flows from hogging the network bandwidth, you can limit the maximum bandwidth used per flow. See the "Policing Overview" section for more information.

•Priority queuing—For critical traffic that cannot tolerate latency, such as Voice over IP (VoIP), you can identify traffic for Low Latency Queuing (LLQ) so that it is always transmitted ahead of other traffic. See the "Priority Queueing Overview" section for more information.

•Traffic shaping—If you have a device that transmits packets at a high speed, such as a security appliance with Fast Ethernet, and it is connected to a low speed device such as a cable modem, then the cable modem is a bottleneck at which packets are frequently dropped. To manage networks with differing line speeds, you can configure the security appliance to transmit packets at a fixed slower rate. See the "Traffic Shaping Overview" section for more information.

For home, I'm not too concerned about the firewall, just NAT, some port routing, and low latency/fast throughput.
You should be fine with any of the newer boxes, 891/181x/180x/19xx/ASA5505.

The 1800 series is just as simple/difficult to configure as any other Cisco router, nothing uncommon.

Try looking for 1801/1802, they are cheaper but you lose a routed Fa port. (just 1 routed Fa for WAN and the built-in switch for LAN). You should be able to find them way under 500, i paid 188 GBP for mine, but i stalked ebay for a while:)
Good luck!

Oh and as far as the 2651XM goes, don't even think about it, it's ancient technology, it spits blood at ~15-20Mbps. I have one in my lab, very nice gear but not for 2010.