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Nothing to see here...

On the first day of the Olympics I wanted to watch the Olympics online since I happened to not have access to a TV, but I did have my laptop and Internet access on me. I wound up missing all but the last 10 commercial filled minutes of the event because I couldn't watch it online. What's more surprising is that it's on *FREE* TV as well in HD. During the time I couldn't watch the Olympics, I was in an IRC chat talking about the whole ordeal and how it seems as though NBC just wants more money to stream something that is already a worldwide event and can be gotten elsewhere with less commercials than NBC plays if it weren't for GeoIP restrictions online. Yeah, I realize something such as the Akamai HD network is expensive in terms of bandwidth, but isn't that what the commercials and "good will" motives are for?

My ISPs both provide ESPN 360. I don't use it. I do have Satellite TV service and NBC's "Stream Portal" shows my provider as a partnered provider. I don't even want to bother with it since it's still going to show the same crap, maybe even more crap that TV already shows that's not game related. It should be something that isn't gated off in the first place.

But thanks for providing the link to the page Karl! I've been looking for that link for a while.
Here comes the white stuff which falls from the sky during the winter again!