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All noise, no signal.
Jamestown, NC

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reply to Karl Bode

Re: ESPN is not "the Internet"

said by Karl Bode:

This is not the same as an ISP blocking a third party.
Not saying it is. Am saying NBC's Olympics coverage and streaming solution appears both bizarre and broken, and that restricting access to content based on the user's ISP fundamentally alters the content landscape...
Yep. I subscribe to a local ILEC (the 20th largest ILEC in the US) as my ISP and for IPTV. I have access to all those NBC channels on my IPTV, yet my provider is not in their list, so I'm locked out.

I think this quote says it all:

"If your cable, satellite or IPTV provider is NOT listed above, then it's not in partnership with NBC Olympics. "