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Live Free Or Die

reply to jfmezei

Re: Remeber AOL Time Warner ?

said by jfmezei:

When the AOL Tiem Warner merger happened, they initially thought that they ould provide exclive content to AOL customers. CNN for instance, would say "more information available to AOL subscribers for this story".

That didn't last long. They found that ad dollars don't go far when you prevent the masses from accessing your content.

I the case of ESPN etc, I guess they are changing from ad revenues to ISP revenues. But it is ironic though because the very ISPs who are willing to pay to grant access for their customers are the ones who were shouting that content providers should be the ones paying the ISPs to carry their content at full speed.

This move is worrysome because it shows how the media still have a "walled garden" cable mentality.
Yet They'll end of dying off like the dinosaurs.

"I'm gonna make a toast when it falls apart
I'm gonna raise my glass above my heart
Then someone shouts "That's what they get!"

For all the years of hit and run
For all the piss broke bands on VH1
Where did all, their money go?
Don't we all know

Parasitic music industry
As it destroys itself
We'll show them how it's supposed to be" - Dinosaurs Will Die By NOFX

Maybe the cableco's will destroy themselves in the process.