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Phoenix, AZ

100 Squared? 2010? What the hell happened to 100mbit by 2000



Yeah... FCC, where are the fines? If we recovered that whole $200 billion, we could re-invest it back into our slumping (see: dead) economy and bring our country back. They let this slide at the time we had the largest surplus in our history, not so much a sweat, but now that we're all pinching pennies... it's time to pinch the bastards that stole 200 trillion of them and never gave us shit.

Don't get me wrong, I love my 25mbps service, but we should have had 100mbps long ago... What the hell. It's either high time the companies that got money from that scandal to pony up the bandwidth and do away with caps, or, piss off and pay up to the government. We've repo'ed plenty of the money from AIG, what's stopping us from hitting Cox, Comcast, and the like for our money back? They have it, they're sitting on it, smoking fat cigars, where's my fat internet pipe or our money?

100mbps by 2010... more like 2001... FCC FAIL, TELCO THIEVES.