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Brooklyn, NY
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too little too late?

anyone with a modern video card can output media to their hi-def tv's using a HDMI cable without too much hassle. a couple of advantages (of transfering to a "channel") are the capability to stream to any or all set-tops at once and stream LIVE content multicasted at a site. this is the kind of evolution of cable-tv that should have happened 5+ years ago. i also expected verizon to have done something such as this instead of loading up on widgets and telephone service fees ($10-$12) in addition to the fcc line/subscriber charge.

my (rhetorical) question is, what happens when someone makes a widget/patch/hack that ends up streaming p2p torrents to the channel.. in 'blatant' violation of tos? think the copyright holders are pissed about cablevision doing a network dvr, how happy will they be with this?