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[ Other] DSL situation in Venezuela

Hi guys,

well it seems that the nationalization of the ISP provider for Venezuela is starting to have its wonderful, benefic effects on broadband. My DSL line has severe lag issues (we're talking of up to 30000 ms lag loading google). I reported this issue on February 1st, and today, February 25th, my line has *still* not been fixed.


I've called the ISP's tech support 17 times for this issue *and* delivered a complaint letter to the office. I've pretty much given up hope that my line will be repaired, ever. Worst thing is, the department that is (not) responsible for this "can not be contacted by phone" according to the tech support representatives that I've talked to. So I'm supposed to just wait (how long, another month or so? year or so? until my line dies?) for the "resolutory unit" to "fix my problem within the next 48 hours". After 25 days of hearing this, excuse me for not having too much faith as to the truth of that previous statement, TYVM... Great tech support, huh?


So much for "socialist telecommunications" being better than "the evil empire" and its "corrupt, capitalist system". All hail Adam Smith I say... (tars and feathers Marx, his ideology and all of its followers).