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Portland, OR

Re: DSL installation explained from start to finish

I must agree with zorch on this one. I used to work for a company that does outsourced tech support for almost 100 different ISPs from around the U.S. One call I might have Joe Blow from Montana wondering why he can't get above 14.4 while living in the boonies. The next will be some whining ass bitch complaining that her business relies on getting her email and she MUST have her account up within an hour or else she will cancel her service; the thing that she doesn't realize is that there is only a certain amount of limited things that can be done. Otherwise the only thing that I can do is just add a trouble ticket to the database, and wait for the admin/technician of the particular ISP fix the problem at their leisure. In the meantime we would take the heat for everything. In my experience usually the people that are the assholes about their service not being perfect and the crap about, "I want what I am paying for!" are usually the people that barely know where the power button for their computer is. One word of advice that can impart on the impatient and sometimes assholic customers of DSL is if your DSL installation isn't working do this:
1. First take a deep breath.
2. Relax
3. Then call up your tech support and remember don't be a fucking asshole to the tech support. Believe it or not tech support really is your best friend when you have a problem.

If you do that then trust me the person answering the tech support call will be more inclined to help you, then if you are just yelling at the top of your lungs at the tech support guy wondering why your DSL won't work. Because otherwise you would just get a load of shit excuses why your service won't work. Oh and another thing don't try to make the tech support guy mad by thinking that you know everything about computers(even you know more than the tech support guy).

The Shadow Doesn'T Hold Sway Over Me

First off, huge thanks to Zorch, this sheds a lot of light on my predicament (yep.. Brooklyn.. you hit the nail right on the head there.)

There's no excuse for BA to continue aggresive advertising and accept new orders when (I would speculate) thousands if not tens of thousands of customers are served the standard ADSL "meal", which seems to consist of a large plate of GREED, topped with a huge heaping of INEPTNESS and sprinkled with an abundance of LACK OF COMMUNICATION.

". First take a deep breath.
2. Relax
3. Then call up your tech support and remember don't be a f*cking *sshole to the tech support. Believe it or not tech support really is your best friend when you have a problem.

Ok, I've tried that. For the last three months, infact, on a daily basis, being more than co-operative, friendly, cordial ad nauseum with the people on the other end of the telephone and choosing to smash inanimate objects only AFTER the call has been completed...Altough to be sure, I wouldn't wish some of these "best friends" on my worst enemies. Now what?

Nonsence, all of it. I as an individual do business with dozens of partners and can co-ordinate the successful resolution of a problem within a matter of hours, if not less. There is no excuse... What a miserable business you guys are in.. In all honesty, I'd hate to be in your shoes (or cubicles, rather) as this seems to me more shady and iffy than used car sales.

A consumer's perspective.
Jennifer Leigh

PS I WANT WHAT I AM PAYING FOR! (or rather, I don't want the privilage to PAY FOR speaking with more teenagers, and loosing more time, money and patience in the process. And yeah, I know where my PC's power button is, have known for quite some time. Not that it helps any in getting a god-damned sync signal to my adsl modem... What a load of bull we, the consumers are served on all fronts... Technical problems? Can't get the signal from a-b? Then don't SELL THE SERVICE and if you're going to sell, then be sure it works first... Cable is here, and Roadrunner, Cablevision (perhaps others) are already beginning to target the area. People will jump ship, and that will be the end of it, except it is costing US, not the telco b*stards.

ROADRUNNER & CABLEVISION, I hope you're getting all of this. Get some service to the Brooklyn/NYC region and make a killing, as there are thousands of people here who'd pay double BA's prices to get a decent level of service. (I know I would.)

The Ozarks
Thank you Jennifer! I was ready
to puke after reading that snotty
kid's take on tech support.
Well said!