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Staten Island, NY

New Feature!!

From Vonage Support site:


Is there a charge for Caller ID?

Caller ID is a feature included by Vonage at no additional charge, for both incoming and outgoing calls

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Thanks for the heads up, and a big thumbs down for Vonage for not providing advance (or any) notification to customers in regard to this major privacy change.

I notice that this information from their Caller ID FAQ is not actually implemented,

To see how your name will display in Caller ID, sign into your Online Account to view your "Caller ID Display" located in the "User Information" section of "Account Information".
so another thumbs down for that as well.

Now I will have to experiment and find out if the Caller ID control panel feature works at all, if it blocks everything, or if it only blocks the name display.

To change your Caller ID display, from your Online Account, go to the Caller ID section of the Features page and press the 'Configure' button. On the Caller ID page, you can choose your preferred setting; 'On' to have your information displayed, or 'Off' to block Caller ID display.

I just did a few tests, and (at least for me), the new Caller ID "feature" still only displays the telephone number when Caller ID is Enabled, and it only displays Anonymous when Caller ID is Disabled.

For my usage, the number only display is/was perfect. I have no need or desire to hide behind an ANONYMOUS Caller ID, but my Vonage numbers are not my primary phones, and I don't want my name displayed, since that might encourage people to associate those numbers with me and use them for calling numbers. The fact that Vonage did not publish a directory, or put names in the Caller ID is one reason I chose Vonage.

I guess now, I will need to run periodic tests to see if Vonage is going to eventually force this new policy on existing customers, or if perhaps existing customers are exempt.
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Ridgecrest, CA

Yeah, it would have been nice to have had this before I had to switch my number to Google Voice since Vonage does not do number blocking. Like you, I do not want anyone to associate my Vonage number with me. I want them to use my Google number when calling me. Of course, if Vonage ever get's off their butts and implements selective number blocking/screening like Google does, then I would happily go back to showing my name and number. Oh well. Overall, I think that this is a step forward though and I am not going to complain. I just hope that they keep moving forward for us people that don't own Jesus Phones. LOL
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