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Re: Well this is dumb...

said by fiberguy:

You'll likely be able to expand storage easier than you can now by simply purchasing extra space.

But still, recorded TV is not essential nor should it be.
I think you hit the nail on the head here.

I am sure they will give you a few hours and happily charge you more every month for a couple hours more space.

I can plug any external SATA drive into my Tivo-HD to expand the space. I can also use it to DVR digital and HD OTA broadcasts...

Recorded TV is essential to my families entertainment.

As we like to say around here: Live TV is for suckers

My views are my own.
In MY opinion.. I don't think they should charge for MAX space used..

I think they should establish a limit or dare I say, CAP.. or ceiling for a better choice of terms... BUT, they should charge you for the MAX space you use at any given time.. ie: if you only use 40 hours, then charge you for 40.. if you used a max of 120 hours this month, charge you for that. I think it should be up to the end user to establish a quota on how much space they'd like to use before the DVR kicks out older content. (Kind of like parental controls)

What WOULD be nice, and a VERY valuable "value added service" is if they'd let you take certain programs and download it from the web for burning to a DVD.. such as local programming from locals. I could see them saying "no" to OnDemand, HBO, and other networks.. but locals would be nice.. it's not like we can't do that now already anyway.