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Cambridge, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
reply to TSI Gabe

Re: IPv6 beta

Took a bit of configuring... and possibly some interference with Virtual Box but... I'm now running IPv6!

Note, I only have a /64 IP, not a /64 and a /56 because I forgot to mention in the direct forums that I intended to use it with a router.

I did of looking up for anyone that is curious... my /64 subnet i was assigned contains 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 hosts.

Now to see if I can grab an IPv6 address over the wireless!


Brantford, ON
Can confirm it works with mpd5 under freebsd.

TSI Gabe
Router of Packets
Gatineau, QC

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Alright, thanks to Guspaz and Ricer, I re-built Tomato up to latest (1.27-mp3alpha7) and includes IPv6 functionality.

Hopefully they won't mind that I'm posting this now.

Changes include

1.27 merged in
SSH fixed
Missing spinner image fixed
Packet reassembly fixed

I also updated Busybox from 1.14 to 1.16, which includes a few very needed fixes to ping6 and traceroute6
TSI Gabe - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
Authorized TSI employee ( »TekSavvy FAQ »Official support in the forum )


Pointe-Claire, QC
Thanks, just what I needed! Works perfectly here so far

Kitchener, ON
reply to TSI Gabe
Any possibility of posting the build for ASUS routers?

What are people's experiences with Gabe's new build? Is it stable enough for day-to-day use?
Taylor Byrnes

Oshawa, ON
Taylortbb he just released it a few hours ago but his earlier versions were working good. too early atm to tell ya how it will be for day to day.


Ottawa, ON

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reply to brassy
Hey brassy,

I've been trying to get mpd5 configured correctly - did you have to write your own link-up scripts? I'm seeing the IPV6CP LayerUp event and the addresses involved are shown (see below), but there is nothing a the linklocal address on the PPP link afterwards (no other aliases or routes are added).

I also tried userland ppp and it never negotiated IPV6CP even though the option is specified (but did happily do MLPPP/SLPPP and IPV4)

[B1] IPV6CP: LayerUp
[B1] 02a0:ccff:fe30:abcd -> 0090:1a00:4243:wxyz

FreeBSD kerplunk 7.2-STABLE FreeBSD 7.2-STABLE #0: Sat Jan 9 14:38:23 EST 2010

Edit: Solved. MPD default route script and mpd config file attached:

echo $0 "$@" >> /var/log/mpd-ifscript.log
/sbin/route add -$2 default $4 >> /var/log/mpd-ifscript.log  2>&1

echo $0 "$@" >> /var/log/mpd-ifscript.log
#remote=`echo $5 | cut -d% -f1`
/sbin/route delete -$2 default $4 >> /var/log/mpd-ifscript.log  2>&1

      # configure the web server  
      set user admin ******** admin  
      set web self 10.X.Y.Z 5006  
      set web open  
      create bundle static B1  
      set ipcp ranges  
      set ipcp enable req-pri-dns  
      set ipcp enable req-sec-dns  
      set ipcp disable vjcomp  
      set iface enable tcpmssfix  
      set bundle disable round-robin  
      set bundle disable bw-manage  
      set bundle enable ipv6cp
      set bundle disable ipcp
      set bundle links L1 
      set iface mtu 1486  
      set iface disable on-demand  
      set iface route default  
      set iface up-script /usr/local/etc/mpd5/ifup.sh
      set iface down-script /usr/local/etc/mpd5/ifdown.sh
      create link static L1 pppoe  
      set auth authname ********@hsiservice.net
      set auth password ********
      set link max-redial 0  
      set link keep-alive 10 60  
      set pppoe iface dc0  
      set pppoe service "teksavvy"  
      set link enable multilink  
      set link enable shortseq  
      set link disable protocomp  
      set link mrru 1492  
      set link mru 1486  
      set link mtu 1486  
      set link bandwidth 3000000
      set link action bundle B1  


Montreal, QC

Is there a way to get an ND build so that also my Asus router can feel the loving?

Ont, Canada
·TekSavvy Cable
Well after a few days of banging my head against the wall I finally have stable IPv6 access to the net. I was getting weird stuff going on. The net was there then it wasn't. I could ping from the router then but I could not from the hosts on the network. Nothing was making any sense. I played with the routing until I was blue in the face. Being in the tech industry for 12 years I was feeling fairly stupid. Then it hit me. I swapped the WRT-54GL for another one and BAM everything worked! (with the BAM sound effect and everything!!) I ended up splitting my /56 into 4 /64s and using one between the WRT-54GL and my MikroTik RB450G router and the second /64 for my LAN. The 3rd and 4rth /64s are for future expansion when I run out of address space So I am using ipv6.google.com for my searching and using the Hurricane Electric IPv6 DNS server to get youtube and all that on IPv6. All in all everything is working quite well.


Ottawa, ON
reply to rhooper
Hi rhooper,

I've been trying to get it working with mpd5 for me .. and it connects, does the IPv6CP negotiation, then the interface ends up with this configured address:

IPv6 Addresses : fe80::2b0:d0ff:fee9:ef8%ng0 -> fe80::90:1a00:4243:14a8%ng0

In mpd.log it shows:

Mar 12 18:49:16 mpd: [B1] IPV6CP: LayerUp
Mar 12 18:49:16 mpd: [B1] 02b0:d0ff:fee9:0ef8 -> 0090:1a00:4243:14a8

It seems I am getting link-local addresses on the interface, but am not sure what this means!

Your ifup and ifdown scripts leave this info:

/usr/local/etc/mpd5/ifup.sh ng0 inet6 fe80::2b0:d0ff:fee9:ef8%ng0 fe80::90:1a00:4243:14a8%ng0 - 00:00:00:00:00:00
add net default: gateway fe80::90:1a00:4243:14a8%ng0

/usr/local/etc/mpd5/ifdown.sh ng0 inet6 fe80::2b0:d0ff:fee9:ef8%ng0 fe80::90:1a00:4243:14a8%ng0 - 00:00:00:00:00:00
delete net default: gateway fe80::90:1a00:4243:14a8%ng0

Any suggestions?