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Sunnyvale, CA

V-Portal with ATT DSL/U-verse Modem/Router combo

Looking at the Vonage Quick Start guide for the V-portal, I see that it is recommended that it be plugged directly into the broadband modem, with the home router then plugged into the V-portal.

However, ATT uses a combo modem/router for their DSL and U-verse services. (I currently have DSL, and am planning on upgrading to U-verse shortly.)

Can the V-portal be used if plugged into one of the wired LAN ports of the modem/router? If so, does it affect the Vonage service or features in any way, or does it work just as well as plugging directly into the modem?

I would think there was some danger in doing it that way, or they wouldn't have recommended connecting it directly to the modem.



Sunnyvale, CA
After doing some reading throiugh other Vonage threads and reviews, I see that people have successfully placed their V-Portals behind modem/router combos. So, I guess it'll work.

Has anybody tried it specifically behind a U-verse 2Wire modem/router?

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reply to garypen
There is no "danger" in connecting your Vonage adaptor behind another router (whether it is a standalone router or a combination modem/router).

The primary "problem" you might run into is that depending on the available bandwidth and your usage of that bandwidth, you may need to setup some QoS rules to give the Vonage service/device a higher than normal priority when it needs it in order to preserve voice quality during periods of heavy internet usage.

I do not have U-verse service, so I can't offer any specific instructions for setting up QoS in the U-verse 2wire router, but if you should need to setup QoS, you should be able to find someone either in this forum or in the »2Wire forum to help you.
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Sunnyvale, CA
Thanks. Now I know what to look for, if there are problems.