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Kirkland, WA

Not Receiving Incoming Calls

Since about 11 AM this morning, Incoming calls not received on my vonage number here in Seattle's 206 area code.

MoMost attempts to connect to number result in rapid busy.

If I don't get the repid busy, there is a recorded message.

"ALL CIRCUITS ARE BUSY Announcement 866 DASH 8"

I have tried to call vonage twice and each time afteter 30 minutes of waiting gave up on those S.O.B.'s

vonage user


same deal hear up north in Mount Vernon. Area code 360.

WA 425

Lynnwood, WA
reply to epro

Working fine here, just north of Seattle.


reply to epro

it's a known issue, inbound calls to WA failed (from PSTN only)but it was fixed 2 hours ago 11pm ET...


reply to epro

they do have issues inbounding calling to WA state failing (from PSTN line). but it was fixed 2 hrs ago.

NC boy

reply to epro

Yes, same problem here in NC. All incoming calls go to VM. Outgoing calls are okay, but attemps to reach VM (dialing *123) get a recording to leave a message to the party being called.

Tried technical assistance, but call dropped after 30 minutes.