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Oshawa, ON

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reply to Salaman

Re: IPv6 Testers

Hey peeps having a problem with the latest build..

If you can login via ssh to ur router and do a ifconfig and look at the br0 interface info. does it have ur ipv6 address with a prefix of /0? at the end if so I had the same issue no amount of reflashing or nvram updates would fix this. work around was to del that line and add a new one with proper router/56 address. worked like a charm let me know if this helps ya.

Lines to fix this in case it does ps this all resets if u reboot router or make major changes.

ip -6 addr del your 56 address here::1/0 dev br0
ip -6 addr add your 56 address here::1/56 dev br0

I was up till 4 am figuring this all out.


Mississauga, ON
Thanks you it works nicely, I guess I'm not gonna to restart or do any major changes on the router until the native ipv6 support firmware comes out.


Ottawa, ON
reply to daboom
Oh... I can't tell you how happy this makes me

I noticed that there was a /0 at the end of my bridge's IP, but I thought nothing of it.

Is there any rhyme or reason why this occurs?