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Jamaica, NY
reply to hottboiinnc

Re: T-Mobile?

said by hottboiinnc:

Sprint may not be a Telco anymore but they have a HUGE IP Backbone and know how to build a network from the ground up. They also are one of the most used carriers by the MVNOs.
The only reason why Sprint wholesales cell service so aggressively that MVNOs grow like bacteria is since Sprint has been loosing customers for years, and MVNOs make the losses less than they would have been otherwise. Also Sprint wholesales cell service by blocks of minutes, ATT/Verizon wholesale cell service with minimum monthly fee per phone number to keep ARPU high (meaning ATT/Verizon MVNO plans have aggressive minute expiration). TM basically doesn't MVNO so financial details are unknown for TM MVNOs.

Sprint's IP backbone seems to be moribund. Other than govt contracts, I dont know of any other ISPs or major customers of Sprint IP. Level 3 and ATT (ex-clec) and Verizon business seem to be the most common names in the USA from my personal experience of corporate business internet connections, universities, and non-peering ISPs (until TWC bought Adelphia was and VZW still is, Level 3 only).


Cleveland, OH

TWC uses Sprint. Sprint is the power of a good share of their backbone to the internet. and they also power the Digital Phone service across the country.

Sprint was ahead in the MNVO market well before VZ and ATT started to get into it. Well before the customer losses.

What does VZW have to deal with TWC and Sprint? Also TWC and Comcast both took over Adelphia. TWC couldn't take the entire thing with the debt that was included. That's how TWC got some Comcast markets and Comcast got TWC.
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