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This is a sub-selection from Solution in search of a problem

Hillsdale, NJ
reply to Bobcat79

Re: Solution in search of a problem

said by Bobcat79:

said by majortom1029:

Neither verizon nor att has 100 percent coverage in all of the tri state area.
I can guarantee that there's no place in NJ that has a CV Wifi signal but doesn't have a VZW signal.

I have wifi and have NEVER seen a verizon wifi network. I've seen Comcast, and several other little ones, but never Verizon. (I have cv/ool)

And yes, I know exactly where the CO for Verizon is because I do communications for the MS 100 in Sept, and it always starts and ends there....
(also have a friend who works for ATT across town from them.)
Mom and Crockett...... I miss you both!

I'm comparing CV's WiFi service (or lack thereof) with Verizon Wireless' cellular service (which saturates the entire state).

Other Things On My Mind
Pompton Lakes, NJ
Yeah that's accurate. Let's talk about Verizon's false promise to bring FIOS to everyone in NJ if the state would change the rules so they didn't have to negotiate with each town and that they weren't cherry picking..... I am surrounded by FIOS, but it will never come to me..... and Verizon's cellular is only 2.5G even on my non-smartphone, I can surf and talk at the same time and have done so.