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This is a sub-selection from Nifty


reply to menumorut

Re: Nifty

"and wait 6 months to be poorly attended"

that's a stupid and debunked right wing talking point. Happens that i lived 34 years in Switzerland and that i had a near deadly accident at 17. Care was exceptional and my parent didn't pay a dime. The worst wait i ever had for a doctor was 3 days for a non emergency.

BE an American.

Queens Village, NY
See!!You just want to play a politics games, left against right and so on.
Switzerland is not EU (it is on the continent but voted in referendum against admission to the Union), maybe thats why your care was so good.
Also Switzerland citizens are full fledge members of a militia and keep all their military grade weaponry at home (a very no-no in European Union).

There are "pockets" of countries that can teach a thing or two to US I agree, but these countries choose not to became part of EU venture for a reason not to be diluted in this failed experiment.

At lest you din not use the Principality of Andorra in your example.

If you think EU is so great, look at the P.I.G.S. countries where the average monthly salary is 900€ and the police will smack you around (I´m not even going to touch Eastern Europe).

I would mention the example of a acquaintance that had a arm tendon cut off at birth (she was delivered via cesarean) and did not get a dime or apology from the government run health care (she is now disabled for the rest of her life) but I am afraid that you will pegged this as political propaganda.
One can only speak in tongs so many times before landing on a perfectly working spell that would turn anyone in to a frog.