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Bill Dollar

New York, NY
reply to TamaraB

Re: Markets served by only one carrier?

Have you tried this, from Dave Burstein:

"One million New Yorkers can get free WiFi through 187 access points across Harlem, the South Bronx, and Brooklyn in the neighborhoods that need it most. If your WiFi can see smartnetnyc, urbanwifitv or smartnetnych, you should be able to register on the splash page that comes up. When I visited them Saturday, 392 users had logged in by 1:30, although until now they have had zero publicity. more »"

Question The Current Paradigm
Da Bronx
·Optimum Online
·Clearwire Wireless

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said by Bill Dollar:

Have you tried this, from Dave Burstein:
The Only WIFI I see here apart from my own is a good signal from OptOnline. OptOnline does not service this area with cable, but their wifi signal is available. So, I called them and asked if I could subscribe to their WIFI as a separate account. NO! was their immediate answer.

I will keep my eyes open for those you mentioned, but to date they are not here.

EDIT: It shows up here as optimumwifi with good signal strength.

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